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Hundreds of our students have great IELTS success stories!


" I had a huge problem to get the required band in my IELTS exam. At rise you can excel your hidden talents. Practice makes a man perfect; at this institute I could practice my abilities very well. I could practice my reading and writing abilities and scored well in the exam.


" The faculty at the institute is very understanding and really good. My doubts were cleared and I became confident to take on the main exam. Personal attention is given to every student, it's the place where you can learn to progress to success.

Pankaj Dixit

" The classes at the institute were very helpful in my preparation for the IELTS exam. During the entire course the staff and the teachers have been extremely supportive and helpful. I required a lot help and assistance for essays and letters and received the required boost for my written abilities.


" I have been coming to this academy for nearly 2 months and scored well in my IELTS exam. The academy has helped me a lot in shaping my life and career.


" When I came to the institute my confidence level was zero but after taking part in the classes my confidence level has gone up. The teachers work for the benefit of the students and improving their band score.

Sumit Kumar

" The institute is exceptional, because the method of teaching is good. The doubts are clarified in an easy and simple manner. There are practice sessions and mock tests provided which helped me to understand the exam better.

Preetika Sharma

" The guidance provided at the institute has been very supportive. The best part of the institute is that your doubts can get cleared along with proper explanations where one is going wrong. The classes are very interactive and knowledgeable.

Shashank Yadav

" I am really pleased with myself that I completed my IELTS course and I was able to do my exams well. I thank the academy for guiding me in a proper manner and giving me the opportunity to practice properly.

Buvanesh Singh

" The IELTS training course that I attended at the institute was very helpful, I could learn a lot and train myself to take up the exam. The coaching provided at the institute was excellent.

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