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Tips on How to maximize your score in Standardized Tests: IELTS, PTE or TOEFL

IELTS, PTE, TOEFL & SAT are typical competitive tests attempted by millions of test takers, but to ensure that your test preparation is top-notch so that you get the best results, it is important that you take care of these fundamentals.

•  Get professional help: Do not take your test lightly, however good you may think you are in English, you may not be aware of exact skills being tested, may lack speed and even stamina to score to your potential. The language skills on test are invariably far more complex than you exercise on a day to day level.

• Give yourself sufficient time to prepare: Do not rush into the test. A minimum of 3-4 weeks and ideally 7-8 weeks is what is required to familiarize to and build adequate competence in all aspects of test scoring ability.

•  Training Regimen: Discuss a training schedule with your trainer where classroom training is complemented with sufficient practice in or outside the class.

•  Increase your exposure to good English: Your trainer will guide you to maximize your exposure to high quality audios, podcasts, reading material through the study material and open resources.

•  No substitute to practice: Take a minimum of 4-5 mock tests and get yourself evaluated by your trainer to check your proficiency.

•  Work more on Improvement areas: Quickly figure out your training needs and improvement areas with the help of your trainer and practise more there to eliminate the rough edges.

•  Knowing is not enough: Knowing good English is not enough, how much of that will you demonstrate during the test will decide your scores. Well articulated, vocabulary packed communication coupled with quick comprehension ability and time management skills is what will maximize your chances with excellent scores.

•  Confidence plays a vital role: You need to be in top form with full confidence to get that extra band or score which may be crucial for your chances with successful immigration or university admission.

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